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All of Tree Frog's owners, managers and guides are trained to meet the standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Our guides have participated in a rigorous certification program offered by Get A Grip Adventures, LLC, that strive to meet all ACCT safety standards. This training and certification helps ensure that guests of Tree Frog Canopy Tours are greeted by professional guides who can provide a fun and memorable time of adventure and exploration in Ohio’s Mohican Wilderness area.

Meet the Tree Frog Team:


Madison Christiansen - Our chief operations officer and also course manager will bring the guides down to her level if they get a little too flighty. Not only is she Frankie's Mom and in charge of the cutest guide dog on the planet, but she's also in charge of all of the guides, which is a GIGANTIC task! Although to this day she finds herself humbled by the fantastic team she has assembled and counts her blessings daily during her hour and a half commute to work.

Jacob Henry - Is an essential part of the Tree Frog Management Team!  As soon as the snow melts our colorful friend comes out of hibernation and heads to Chipotle where he scores free burritos (be sure to ask about his trick).  Jake is still trying to find his "tree legs"...if you're on tour with him when he starts to look a little green...stay clear.  Consider this your warning.  But don't let this scare you away...once you get to know him he's a big cuddly teddy bear!  Like his girlfriend Jill, he's also a songbird and can be found traveling with his band Divebomb during the off season! Be sure to give them a follow on Instagram @divebombhc 

Jon Bourcier - The newest member to the Tree Frog Management Team, enjoys long walks in the woods with his fiancé Victoria.  When he isn't at Tree Frog he's planning his wedding later this Summer.  Trust us, he's really into all of the details.  Jon is best known for his penciling skills from the Rock Launch.  Curious about this?  If you're lucky enough to have him as a guide just ask him to show you his technique to achieve the most speed while out on course.

Nate Long - AKA Ninja, Nasty Nate, Nate the Great, Reach. When it comes to guiding Nate is all “hands-on”! Reaching around things all day his wing span is a whopping 8 ft. (double the size of his height). Although he is allergic to hay, he always enjoys a sunny day frolicking through the meadow. You can’t miss him in his bright purple shirt with matching watch and koozie. Nate’s tip for first time zippers; keep your hands on the handle bars and enjoy the ride!

Ryan Freehafer - AKA Captain Redbeard is as scary as he looks.  Although you would never know it this curly haired red head is a rare find....just like his leprechaun ancestors!  He usually doesn't like warmer weather and prefers his work at the Mansfield YMCA but once we were able to drag him away he's beginning to see life differently and loves spending time up in the trees!  Always eager to help, this feisty friend's favorite activity is catching skittles at the end of the rainbow!

Alexis Wartluft - This one brave lady weathered an entire Summer living in her little camper at the top of Sundance hill.  Right here at Tree Frog Canopy Tours!  She's the most badass guide on staff and isn't afraid to whip out her Wonder Woman skills on anyone who stands in her way.  Not to mention, she is also our very FIRST female Rookie of the Year!! "I am woman, hear me roar" is definitely her theme song!  

Diana Bourcier - This girl is the definition of energy! Diana can be found on the weekends bouncing around Tree Frog and spreading her cheer!  Be glad if you find yourself on one of her tours because it's mighty contagious!  We love our lady frogs and Diana is one of the best, graduating at the top of her training class, she takes her job seriously but always has a good time when out in the trees!


Jillian Caudill - Some call her the songbird of our generation, but for us she serves as our backbone here at the zip, trying her best to keep us in line.  Jill's smiling face and positive personalty can be found all Summer long at Tree Frog's front desk! Need a little pick me up?  Just ask Jill to sing you a little song!  During her off time you can find her playing shows with her band!

Anna Lee Christiansen - AKA Guide Mom is known for her infamous cooking!  Without her all of our guides would go hungry.  When she isn't busy taking care of all of us you can find her smiling face up at the front desk tending to customers.  Catch her on a really good day and she'll even tell you a joke or two ;) ARRRR ARRRR

Frankie - Our trusty Guide Dog Frank really lives the life out here at Tree Frog Canopy Tours!  Greeting every guest that comes in the front door, she may seem a little shy at first, but if you want to get her to be your best friend quickly just offer her a little treat!  The only problem, she'll be sure to follow you around the rest of the day!  Don't believe us? Just get a snack in the gift shop...her favorite are cheez-its!





















In Memoriam:
Jody Christiansen (February 27, 1949-May 18, 2016) 
- Jody, our esteemed founder first fell in love with ziplining while in Costa Rica with his family in 2004.  The best husband, father and friend around, he unfortunately lost his battle to Mantle Cell Lymphoma in the Spring of 2016.  His family and beloved guides continue his legacy here at Tree Frog Canopy Tours by keeping his dream of bringing happiness to all those he encountered alive.  We do that by introducing them to the feeling of flying through the trees.  Everything we do here, we do for him and with the spirit in which he lived.

Lucy Lou - AKA Lou Dog ran the roost here at Tree Frog Canopy Tours.  Many of our guests can remember Lou running in front of the ranger with EVERY tour on their way up to the start of our course.  She also loved chasing guests off of our Rock Launch and photo bombing their photos.  While Frankie tries to live up to her sister, she has yet to complete 1 full trip running up the hill ;)
















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