"1st zip experience and it was incredible. Courteous and professional staff, great sense of humor made for a memorable time. Will definitely return. Night zip sounds awesome!!"

- Brian

"Better than any other zip-lining experience I've ever had!"

- Brandon

"We had an amazing time doing this for the first time over Labor Day weekend! My husband, who is afraid of heights, myself, my best friend and her three young daughters all had a blast! Guides were simply amazing and put everyone at ease, the best though was that they were really a lot of fun out there on the course and we would definitely come back and request to have them guide our tour again and again. We loved every part of the course, the views and the speed as well as how friendly the entire staff was. I love that we have this in Ohio! Great time and we all will definitely be back!!"

- Amy

"From the moment we walked on the grounds, we felt welcome from all of the staff. Great time with guides, they were exceptional and you could definitely tell they loved what they do. We had the best time ever. I, myself was voted the best "self-rescuse" of the bunch and you will understand that once you go. We will certainly be back in the fall and bring a lt of friends with us. This is truly a GREAT place!"

- Sandy

"Absolutely the best time I have had all summer! I want to thank our guides, who made this event so much fun for our group. Everything was professionally handled from your online reservation and information to the friendly check in staff. But, our guides really went the extra mile to keeping us safe, happy and laughing all afternoon! Thank you - we will be back!"

- Susy

"The best adventure all summer! Our guides took their time making sure we were all comfortable with each part of the zipline. My husband, daughter, and I felt very safe and enjoyed their lightheartedness. We would highly recommend and hope to one day do this again. Thanks for helping me work on completing my bucket list!"

- Lynne

"Our wonderful guides gave us all the safety instructions and gave us valuable information with a few very cute jokes to bring on the smiles! I am a 75 1/2 year old woman and my daughter 56. We like adventurous things to try so when we heard about the Canopy Tour- rain or shine-- we signed up and were ready to see what this was all about! The 2.5 hours went "flying by" so very quickly with thrills beyond our imagination! We will definitely have lots to tell others about our venture, even though it was slightly raining, this did not even keep us from going. The trees still having leaves on them , was beautiful. So if you haven't tried this- and you are willing to have the time of your life- sign up and be ready for a day of fun as you fly along the wooded area, walk the rope bridges and repel from the trees on the way to another height of zipping!"

- Jane & JoAnn

"WOW! What more can I say. From beginning to end and a day later I am still saying WOW. Just can't say enough about the day spent with you folks at Tree Frog. From the young lady who meet us at the check in desk to our guides, and the two men who were working on the platform with their welcome wave and happy smile as we rode up the hill to our first stop, all I can say is WOW. What a great group of people you have there, very patient and caring. Thank you so much for a great day and to our guides for taking such great care of my wife. They were both so patient, caring and encouraging toward her. And the tour itself, WOW. Zipping above the tree tops seeing all of God's beauty around us, the wind in your face, I just can't say enough about the great time we had. It was money well spent. Sure beats paying fifty bucks to get into an amusement park and stand in line for two hours to go on a thirty second roller coaster ride. We will for sure be back again this year with more of our family members to enjoy this again. We wish you much success and growth in business for many years to come."

- Butch & Jodi

"If you are looking for a thrill, you’ll definitely find it here. This is an experience like nothing else... even if you have been to the area a million times, Tree Frog Canopy Tours gives you a new perspective, and views far different from those you have seen in the past."

- Tiffany

"Absolutely freakin’ LOVED it!! Definitely will be back."

- JoHanna

"This was, all hands down, the absolute best experience ever. Our tour guides were great. My husband and I will be back for sure. This place rocks! Thanks so much!"

- LaToya

"Awesome! I am totally afraid of heights but your professional guides talked me through my fears to provide a truly life-altering event! Thank you!"

- Steve

"Thank you for investing your time and money and energy to provide this to the area!!!"

- Sabreena

"Hands down, best fun we’ve had all summer. Easier than it looks... more fun than a roller coaster."

- Darla

"This was sooooo much fun!!!! The views were amazing!!! I absolutely looooved it!! I would definitely come again!"

- Molly

"This was a very enjoyable experience. It was family-friendly even with a 10 and 11 year old. Guides were very safety-oriented without ruining the thrill."

- Bryce

"There is nothing you could do to improve your course! Love, Love, Love, Love it!"

- Susie

"Guides were enthusiastic, friendly & professional. Their commitment to safety was apparent and they did a great job making everyone feel comfortable."

- Brian

"WOW... what a thrill. Fantastic facility. Long Zips and great speed! Hands down a better adventure then Hocking Hills. Fantastic guides! We are looking forward to seeing you again in the fall."

- Joe, Diane, Shelby & Tristan

"Definitely one of those things you can't believe is actually in Ohio... It's so awesome!!!! Been twice and can't wait to go back this summer!"

- Frankie

"Thank you for providing a 61 year old grandmother a very exciting birthday present. Guides exemplified professionalism in their leadership of the group. Many Thanks!"

- Kathy

"This was great! There was never a time I felt unsafe and I will be back!"

- Karie

"Great guides – knowledgeable and calming. Awesome facility, great experience and addition to the Mohican area."

- Nadine

"The tour was great -- the scenery was amazing & our tour guides were outstanding. Their leadership ensured that I felt safe the entire time & their humor & good nature made the tour even more fun! Thanks for a great time!"

- Christina

"Everything was awesome! The guides made the experience even better. They give you confidence :)"

- Rafael

"Excellent experience and time. Guides made us feel very safe & were very knowledgeable. They had great jokes and watched the whole group making sure everyone had an excellent time!"

- Brandon

"An exceptional experience with a great bunch of new friends! Would highly recommend, at 72 years old I felt young again!"

- Dennis

"They were awesome guides. Exceeded my expectations. "

- Sandy

"Nice & helpful staff. Awesome views, great experience! THANK YOU! "

- Grace

"A++ all around! Can't wait to come gain!"

- Jennifer

"Absolutely loved it! Can't wait to do again! Our guides made me feel so relaxed! - I was apprehensive. Thanks for a great experience! "

- Joyce

"I had a FANTASTIC time today! I can't wait to come back and do it again. I might've been terrified, but our guides made sure I was safe and had fun. Thanks guys!"

- Gabby, Miss Shawnee 2014

"I had complete faith in the two guides otherwise I wouldn't have been able to do it. Feel exhilarated. Thank you so much."

- Lesley

"An absolutely fabulous experience - total ease with everything and both guides A+ professional"

- Ralph

"So awesome! Above & beyond my expectations and a bargain of a price for what you get! Thank you!"

- Kelsey

"They sung "Happy Birthday" to us while rappelling - once in a lifetime experience! Thank you for making our Birthdays special!"

- Alison & Roy

"It was terrific - we used to say Hocking Hills was our favorite - but this was amazing! We have ziplined in Hawaii, Costa Rica, Jamaica & Hocking Hills & we loved how informative Tree Frog's guides were! "

- Darlene

"The comradery you build up in such a short time is awesome. Perfect as is."

- Steven

"Everything was great, the guides were very knowledgeable about the environment and answered every question. 10/10 would do again."

- Ed

"Awesome 1st experience, what a rush! Would do it again. The guides were exceptional - made for a fun day. Spur of the moment decision. Glad we did it."

- Donna

"If you can keep a family of 6 with 4 boys ages 14, 16, 19 and 21 from fighting and having fun then you must be doing something right. Great fun! Loved it and would do it again."

- Caleb

"Have also done Hocking Hills Canopy Tours - this tour was top notch and much more impressive!"

- Lori

"Amazing time out here, even for us first timers, it was so relaxing and we had such a great time! Thank you so much!"

- Anwar

"We had an amazing time :) The guides are awesome and helped us get over our fears and doubts. We will definitely be back for either the day or night ziplining tour!"

- Lakshmi

"The guides were the BEST! I was so afraid but now I am going to come back again. Thank you so much for this awesome experience!"

- Monalika

"Thank you for an unbelievably great time, our guides were just AMAZING, very friendly. We will recommend family and friends. Guides kept us laughing, but were very knowledgeable and safety conscious. "

- The Holmbergs

"I like all of the safety measures you have incorporated. When I see other ziplines, I'm always seeing if they measure up to you and they usually do not so we come back here! Thanks for another great trip!"

- Julia

"Top-notch experience - excellent course. Compares to one we did in Mexico!"

- Barbara

"Our guides did a wonderful job! They made our 1st anniversary awesome! We will absolutely recommend this experience."

- Jennifer

"The guides were very fun! Had a great time throughout the whole tour. I have been ziplining before and this was my best experience yet! Thanks!"

- Destiny

"I would recommend this tour and our guides to everyone!!! They put you at ease and were engaging and funny!!! Loved it!!!"

- Jessica

"Impressed by the degree of safety exercised by the guides and the safety built into the program"

- Robert

"Tour Guides were awesome! They made the tour very fun and reassuring! I felt safe and had a BLAST! The price for the tour is AMAZING for the amount of zips there are! Thanks for having us! We will definitely be back!"

- Mari

"The tour guides were very friendly, knowledgeable, paid attention to details and increased the enjoyment of my experience"

- Joseph

"Quick Jump was a MAJOR adrenaline rush! YEAHHH!! Loved it!"

- MaryAnn

"Guides were very reassuring and professional. I felt very trusting every step of the way. I really appreciated their confidence & knowledge!"

- Brice

"Even though we had a rain delay, the course was fun, the guides were great, and the trip was awesome. I will definitely recommend you guys to others."

- Mike

"Quick Jump was AWESOME! See ya next year!"

- Michelle

"Best zipline we've been on!"

- Mike

"Our guides were great. We felt safe and in good hands at all times. They also interacted with us the entire time and it was really fun! Thanks!"

- Jessica

"Our guides were great. We felt safe and in good hands at all times. They also interacted with us the entire time and it was really fun! Thanks!"

- Jessica

"Our guides did a great job and they were lots of fun. They were very professional and made me feel comfortable with something I was scared to do. Thank you!"

- Jen

"I was looking to get out of my comfort zone and they did a phenomenal job of doing that while making sure I wasn't pushed too far all at once."

- Gabby

"What a great experience - even thought I have to "tap out" halfway through, ALL the people we dealt with made me feel better and not so disappointed with myself. All were super! Friendly and helpful - very concerned and compassionate."

- Carol

"Thanks for making it more thrilling (cannonball) and more entertaining (free fall) if we were requesting it. I love those options! Great for all ages and thrill backgrounds!"

- Luke

"My parents are in their seventies and these guys did a great job taking care of them!"

- Mark

"One of the best ziplining experiences I have had. The free fall option was an awesome first time experience. I will recommend you to friends coming to the area!"

- Todd

"So much fun - better experience than other ziplines with longer zips and handle bars! Thanks!"

- Melissa

"Incredible!! Best lines we've been to!! Our guides were so great with our group. Great sense of humor while still safe and professional. The quick jump was scary but well worth it!! Let's go again! "

- Marcia

"This was a lifetime experience. Everything was so professional and well organized. AWESOME!"

- Lauren

"Both guides were great. They were professional, polite, attentive and funny. They worked very well together. They made a great experience even better than it already was today. We hope they are here for as many years as you can keep them here. It was a BLAST!!!!!"

- Kenny

"I have zipped and rappelled in Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Cuba and Canada. Your outfit outshines them all. Jake and Diana were amazing guides and made the tour entertaining and fun."

- Sherry

"Best Guides. Most professional setup I've seen. Very well setup appears as safe as possible."

- Frank

"Ellie and Diana were fantastic. Having been on many guided tours, they are the best I've experienced in a long while. Give those girls a raise!"

- Michael

"The guides were funny and easy going and patient. I felt comfortable and confident the whole time. What a great way to bond with your group. Only wish that we could have gone longer!"

- Emily

"Wonderful first time ziplining. Had great guides that made the trip fun, enjoyable and personable. Look forward to coming back and will be sure to tell others about this great ziplining course and experience. Thank you to our guides Alexis and Star, you all are great!"

- David

"Phenomenal experience. Guides are knowledgeable and FUN. If you don't enjoy yourself, you're doing something wrong. Do it! CANNONBALL!!!!!"

- Jayne

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