Do You Have What It Takes?

If you're even slightly considering ziplining with us don't let your fears get in the way!  Trust DO have what it takes and won't want to miss out on this awesome experience!  But don't take our word for it...check out how others overcame their fears and had the time of their lives!

Afraid of Heights?  Not a problem!

"...As we are all 60+, ziplining (and conquering my fear of heights) was on my bucket list. It was amazing! Our guides, Rachael and Matt, were fun but always professional, and they made us feel safe and confident every step of the way. I must admit that my body shook upon arriving on the platforms after the first two zips and that I often "hugged the trees" while standing on the platforms. However, by the time we did the longer zips, I felt relaxed, and I didn't want it to end! My husband and I both plan to do this again...." 

"Being afraid of heights, I was hesitant to do this, but it just looked like too much fun to pass up. I was right! It was an absolute blast and I will definitely do it again sometime...If you have the opportunity to do this zipline, don't miss out..." September 2012

"Our group of six pals decided to try something different and couldn't have chosen a more enjoyable, exciting outdoor adventure. From start to finish, we had a blast. Our guides, Sam and Erica, trained us well, made us feel completely safe, laughed with us and cheered us on. A few of us were afraid of heights but had no problems..." August 2013

Too Old??  Not Athletic?  You're NEVER too old for an adventure! No experience necessary.
FACT: Our oldest participant was 87 years young! 

"My first time ever ziplining and definately not my last! As a 60 something yr old I had reservations about this but after the first zip, I found this a must do activity for anyone who loves the outdoors. This place is a gem and a very well run operation. Extremely well trained and knowledgeable guides will make this an unforgettable experience for was worth every penny!" July 2013

My husband and I (53, 62, respectively) visited with 2 teenage boy relatives over Easter vacation (April 29, 2011)....Three of us had done a zipline in Hocking Hills the previous year so we were familiar with ziplines in general. This one was a little more intimidating as the lines are higher in the sky and the rappels are about 60'. Also there is a short hike. So while you do need to be able to do these things by no means do you need to be 'athletic.' They teach you everything you need to know, you have 'an out' at all times if you change your mind, and it is a lot of FUN! Also they repeatedly train for hours and hours for every sort of rescue..." April 2011

You already know you have what it takes...but does our staff?
Trusting someone you just met can be scary...we get it!  But rest asured you're in good hands here.

"Just went on the Zip Lines. Great time, very professional. 7 of us in our group. Any one that does any high angle rope work knows that you should always have two safety lines each and when moving from zip line to zip line you should never have both safety's un-clipped at one time. When you take seven people X 2 safety lines each X 7 zip lines X 2 rappels X 2 swinging walk bridges, that a lot of clipping and un-clipping of safety lines. Not once did I see the tour guides cut corners on safety. When you take the total amount of time spent (2.5 hrs.) it's well worth your money. So much better than spending $8 to ride a go-cart for 4 minutes." July 2012

"Our group of 5, with 3 people with zipline experience, had a GREAT time!!! The guides, Dan and Logan, were a blast!! They did a wonderful job of making us all feel safe while still having a great sense of adventure and thrill!! The zips are very well organized; the scenes are beautiful, and the combo of zips, repelling, and rope bridges is awesome. Lucy, our unofficial furry tour guide, also lead us through the tour from the ground! Bottom line, we would HIGHLY recommend adding this extra stop on your trip through Amish country!!" September 2013

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