Plan a Unique Corporate Retreat in the Mohican River Valley

July 28, 2017

You’re flying through the air at amazing speeds, feeling the wind in your hair as the treetops rush below your dangling feet. Is it your first stint as Ohio’s newest superhero...or just another day at the “office”? 

When you book a corporate retreat with Tree Frog Canopy Tours, you give your workmates the ultimate team-building experience they’ll never forget:

A Unique Setting

Forget boring conference rooms and PowerPoint presentations! A Tree Frog retreat takes you to new heights: up to 120 feet, to be exact, above the beautiful Mohican River Valley. Our 2 1/2 hour tour consists of 7 ziplines, 2 sky bridges and 2 rappels, with the highest speed clocked at 51 mph! After a thrilling day in the forest, employees will have plenty to talk about at the water cooler for weeks to come.

A Healthy Option

Get them away from computer screens for an afternoon–and get their hearts pumping! By showing your employees that your company values the great outdoors, you’ll promote physical activity and a sense of well-being that will naturally spill over into positive, productive work habits.

A Bonding Experience

You can talk about teamwork...or you can live it from the treetops! People who take risks together stick together, and although our canopy tours are extremely safe, they get the adrenaline going in a way that tells the body danger, adventure, and fun! If your officemates can “survive” the canopy, they’ll be prepared to face whatever challenges the normal work day brings.


With our group rates, you can book a corporate retreat that won’t break the bank. Group discounts start at 10% and only go up from there! Give us a call about your group, and we can see what discounts we can provide.

Book your tour today!

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