How to Spend a Rainy Day in Mohican State Park

March 27, 2017

Don’t let a bit of precipitation get you down! Rain keeps our area of the country green and beautiful–and it may even give you a whole new perspective of the Mohican River Valley. Check out these tips for a rainy day you’ll be glad didn’t go away!

Tree Frog Canopy Tours… in the rain??

Who said a rainy day has to be spent indoors? Tree Frog Canopy Tours is your ticket to ziplining adventure, rain or shine. In fact, a rainy zip experience might be the best ride of your life: slick cables speed up your trip and amp up the thrill! You’ll get a treetop view of the wilderness below under the shelter of the canopy above. While most outdoor activities shut down in the rain, Tree Frog stays open–and even makes the weather fun!

When you’ve wrapped up your day in the rain but the forecast still looks stormy, you’ll find the Mohican Valley packed with historical and cultural outlets to keep you entertained - and dry - if the weather stops cooperating with your weekend plans.

The Ohio Theatre

Established in 1909, the historic Ohio Theatre offers a number of ways to plan around a dreary forecast. The building itself is a local treasure, included on the National Register of Historic Places and currently home to Loudonville’s village offices, council chamber, and police department. The 350-seat opera house is used today as both a movie theatre and venue for live plays. Check out what’s playing, and before long, you’ll be singin’ in the rain!

Cleo Redd Fisher Museum

The Mohican Historical Society’s CRF Museum brings the area’s history to life with a number of exhibits and events. Learn about such local legends as Skinner’s Mill, the Loudonville Free Street Fair, and gunsmither Peter Reinhard. Spend some time with the Ghosts of the Past, a historical photography exhibit that traces the rich history of Mohican towns, events, and communities over the past century and a half. And for a true taste of the past, visit the Workman Cabin, a living-history museum showcasing life on the frontier. 

Creative Outlet Indian Jewelry & Crafts

For a unique rainy-day shopping break, stop by Creative Outlet, North Central Ohio’s largest retailer of Native American arts, crafts and jewelry. Open every day of the week, the shop features a huge selection of turquoise, silver and copper Native American jewelry, sage & smudging, essential oils, crystals & quartz, Minnetonka Moccasins, and more.

Ready to plan your trip to the Mohican Valley? Start with Tree Frog and experience the wilderness - rain or shine!

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