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All of Tree Frog's owners, managers and guides are trained to meet the standards of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT). Our guides have participated in a rigorous certification program offered by Get A Grip Adventures, LLC, that strive to meet all ACCT safety standards. This training and certification helps ensure that guests of Tree Frog Canopy Tours are greeted by professional guides who can provide a fun and memorable time of adventure and exploration in Ohio’s Mohican Wilderness area.

Meet the Tree Frog Team:


Madison Christiansen - Our chief operations officer and also course manager will bring the guides down to her level if they get a little too flighty. Always being a stickler for being on time, even for herself, she will crack the whip and then steal Weezy’s sunglasses. Being an awesome guide wrangler, she has found some of the best and finds herself truly humbled by the fantastic staff she has assembled. To this day she is still trying to be as good of a guide and person as Bonsai Trainer Daniel Winning.

Jacob Henry - The newest member to Tree Frog's Management team!  As soon as the snow melts our colorful friend comes out of hibernation and heads to Chipotle where he scores free burritos (be sure to ask about his trick).  Jake is still trying to find his "tree legs"...if you're on tour with him when he starts to look a little green...stay clear.  Consider this your warning.  But don't let this scare you away...once you get to know him he's a big cuddly teddy bear!

Matt Burd -
Matt AKA The Sweater Man was formerly a….. Well, it doesn’t really matter whether he was a rocket scientist, or a sanitation engineer. What’s important is that he is now a zip line guide, and Matt B. (in real life, a firefighter/paramedic and Army guy home from Iraq) will make sure that your experience at Tree Frog is memorable. He’s the recent enthusiastic recipient of a sewing machine and when asked what he will do with it, he exclaims, “What can’t I do with a sewing machine!” Matt stitches “collectable” chalk bags for his fellow rock climbers like a pro. You might catch him humming tunes to the Squirrel Nut Zippers or sitting in his backyard with a cooler of beer listening to the cool vibe of Ray LaMontagne. That’s Burd’s style, and he definitely has a style; we’re just not sure which style will emerge and when. Matt B’s perfect date? When she pays, of course.

Nina Vuillemot -


Adam Harper - AKA the Hopp’a hails from a long line of Harper’s from Chicago dating back to 1930’s. He enjoys wearing muscle tee’s from Baby Gap while practicing throwing his tomahawk for this year’s Junior Nationals. If only he could find them after he misses his target…. You can easily spot the Hopp’a by his flashy sunglasses. He hopes to one day own his own Sunglass kiosk at the Richland County Mall. Until then he is just living his life on the lines.

Nate Long - AKA Ninja, Nasty Nate, Nate the Great, Reach. When it comes to guiding Nate is all “hands-on”! Reaching around things all day his wing span is a whopping 8 ft. (double the size of his height). Although he is allergic to hay he always enjoys a sunny day frolicking through the meadow. You can’t miss him in his bright purple shirt with matching watch and koozie. Nate’s tip for first time zippers; keep your hands on the handle bars and enjoy the ride!

 Arthur James Snell IV

Emily Maynard - AKA Emily… Decided to take the challenge of going through guide training after being our full time staff photographer during the 2012 season. Amazingly she made it through the course…barely. When not guiding, you can find her out stalking the course with her camera. So far she has caught 3 bears with her teeth, and has known to frequently put her left shoe on before her right. She enjoys eating oranges and watching Full House. Her favorite character? Little Michelle.

Ron Burgundy - When Mr. Burgundy is away from his news desk he is enthusiastically laying out harnesses helping out his co-guides prepare for their tours. Graduating from the top of his training class this Senior Airman is prepared to battle the roughest elements that zip ling has to offer. On his days off Ron enjoys pumping iron and taking his loving dog Baxter on long walks through the woods. For those worried about zipping Ron has one word of advice, “Zip Classy San Diego.”

Karsten Vuillemot - (Pronounced...Cos-tin, silent R) AKA Kristy, AKA Nina's younger yet more mature brother.  This little buddy has dual citizenship from Germany and travels all over the world.  In his off time he enjoys riding dirt bikes, playing soccer (GO USA!), building ski-jumps, laying out and giving salsa lessons.  His VW turbo convertible Cabrio was actually an extra in the 'Fast and Furious' series.  This newcomer's main goal in life is to try and be as pretty as his Sister Nina...good luck!

Ryan Freehafer - AKA Captain Redbeard is as scary as he looks.  Although you would never know it this curly haired red head is a rare find....just like his leprechaun ancestors!  He usually doesn't like warmer weather and prefers his work at Snow Trails but once we were able to drag him away he's beginning to see life differently and loves spending time up in the trees!  Always eager to help, this feisty friend's favorite activity is catching skittles at the end of the rainbow!



Jon Jon Hard of hearing?  Then Jon Jon is the guide for you!  He can be heard through the woods from the next county.  Jon Jon has his own zipline in his backyard where he practices day and night to become the best newbie here at Tree Frog.  When he isn’t ziplining you can find him down at the barn hanging with the fresh heffers!

 Tony Mascazzini AKA Tone Tone loves a good fish taco during guide training.  If you’re on his tour he prefers fish over cash for tips.  When not guiding, Tony doubles as a staff photographer where he can be spotted up in the trees snapping pictures of our guests.  Don’t forget to smile!


 Cody Earhart - AKA Britney, also a new member of the guide team you can hear Cody singing his favorite song ‘Oops I did it Again’ from the tree tops!  Cody and his identical twin Hannah like to run around the woods thinking they’re Indians.  They get this from their parents ‘Big Chief’ and ‘Big Shooter’.


Will Hansen - Our very own Caitlyn Jenner (he’ll know what we’re talking about, you should ask) loves to request the song ‘SHOUT’ at every wedding he attends.  Will just accepted a job as a freshman science teach in Canton and has also been asked to coach the upcoming season of girl’s synchronized mud wrestling, which just happens to be his favorite hobby!

Katie Palmer - AKA Kathy feels right at home with her own zipline named after her!  The 400’ ‘short & sassy’ just like her!  Katie is also a new member to the guide team this year…after this season she will be finishing her degree in nursing and starting her career!  We do our best by giving her lots of practice with patience!



Tara Maynard - AKA Tina was the winner of our Most Talkative award during our 2014 banquet!  Sure to bring a smile to your face our native photographer enjoys encouraging her groups to do what it takes to make the coveted ‘Wall of Fame’!


 Hannah Earhart -  Also known as ‘Lost in Fog’ is truly the last of the Mohicans. Hannah loves to take photos of our guests out in the woods and can also be seen smiling up at the front desk.  Be sure to wave as you zip by her in the trees!





 Shana Snyder - Bonjour!  Our friendly bi-lingual guest service member acts sweet but will be the first to hack your FB status when you turn your back.  She runs the front desk like a general but teaching the unruly guides how to speak french is a can of worms she wishes she hadn't opened.  In the Summer's you'll find her floating down the river beside Wally Rd. in her tricked out prius.


 Anna Lee Christiansen - AKA Guide Mom is known for her infamous cooking!  Without her all of our guides would go hungry.  When she isn't busy taking care of all of us you can find her smiling face up at the front desk tending to customers.  Catch her on a really good day and she'll even tell you a joke or two ;) ARRRR ARRRR


 Jody Christiansen - Jody, the owner, has been working for the last forty years, but we’re not quite sure what he has been doing. He’s not sure either. He first zipped in Costa Rica 11 years ago and we’ve been having a hard time getting him out of the trees ever since. He has taken the course “Dancing with Trees” which we hear will soon be a major motion picture. Bill Murray is rumored to be playing the part of Jody. Jody’s major hobbies include keeping Madison and AnnaLee in line, but he’s never made much progress at it. You’ll generally find Jody at the smolder pit where one day one of his carefully built fires may just break out of its shell.

 Lucy Lou - AKA Lou Dog is our trusty stead. When she isn’t leading tours up Big Hill Rd. you may find her rappelling off Mt. Everest or enjoying a swim with her bestie Nessy the Loch Ness Monster. Lucy finished in the top of her class at guide dog training and rescue school. She got her personal best time at the trolley swap, 1:52.
















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